Special Kids have Special Needs!

The goal of the Excellence Learning Academy school is to provide an early learners program, an intermediate learning program, and pre-vocational program to all students, making a holistic impact on student success. The program will address the academic and personal/social development, of all students through individual, small group, large group, and school-wide programs. Through these comprehensive services, the school will assist all children in reaching their highest potential, allowing them to feel confident in their ability to succeed in all areas of their life

Our Program

Classroom Settings

All classrooms are divided by grade ages which means are students are comfortable with their grade not matter their age.


Classroom grades are structured as


Beginners Elementary

K1 / K2


Junior Elementary

Year 1,2,3,4,5,6


Upper Elementary

Year 7,8,9,10,11,12

Classroom Subjects

Making sure every child reaches their full academic potential is important to us here at Excellence Learning Academy. As the basic concepts of reading, writing and comprehending is an important aspect for getting around, vocational trainings are also important aspects that needs to be taught to students. At Excellence Learning Academy balance become important.


Our daily / Weekly subjects includes:


English Language

Reading Comprehension 

Writing composition

Social Science

Home & Health



Physical Education



We provide services for:


With diverse learning disabilities




Down Syndrome

and similar conditions...

Excellence Learning Academy

Email: sxmexcellenceacademy@gmail.com

Phone: +1-721-550-7971

It is our goal to be reachable to all parents. If at any point, you may have questions about our program, registration process and or location.


Always feel free to contact the school. 

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