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The goal of After-School Program is to provide a quality program that is safe, fun, educational and affordable. Our programs offer age appropriate activities under the supervision of trustworthy, caring and qualified coordinators that understands and meets the needs of each child in our program. The program will address the academic and personal/social development, of all students through individual, small group, large group, and school-wide programs. Through these comprehensive services, the school will assist all children in reaching their highest potential, allowing them to feel confident in their ability to succeed in all areas of their life.

Our Program



Excellence Learning Academy is an after-school program which operates 5 days a week Monday Through Friday afternoons, from 12:30 p.m. to 05:45p.m.

All students from kindergarten one through grade six are welcome to partake in educational and recreational activities.

Students who are enrolled in the one on one tutoring sessions will allow students to grasp a better concept of what they were not able to in school. Students will also be tutored on another grade level other than their current grade to maintain a challenging environment

Homework Procedure

Homework is an independent activity to reinforce previously learnt ideas. It is each student responsibility to note homework down from school, and bring homework to the ASEP where they will be assisted.


At Excellence Learning Academy we take homework seriously and set time aside daily for students to complete their assignments. Homework teachers both available for ENGLISH SUBJECT students and DUTCH SUBJECT students.


Students will be assisted with their homework first hand from the homework teachers.

Extra-curricular activities

Allowing your child to get involved in extracurricular activities at school is a wise choice, and it is very important in helping them to develop working skills, people skills, and more.


At Excellence Learning Academy After-school Program, we offer a couple extra activities for a small fee.


Parents can fill in the attach form if they would like their children to be involve in the listed activities.


  • Swimming Lessons

  • Dance Class

  • Steel Pan Lessons

  • Computer Class


The after-school program offers pick up services from our private busing company. Transportation is possible from various primary schools to the after-school location, once requested by parents. Transportation is an additional cost, payable together with the ASEP fee.

Pick Up Policy

The after-school program ends promptly at 5:45pm each evening. All parents are expected to pick up their children on time.

A grace period will be given up until 06:00pm to accommodate parent’s work schedule. If a child remains at the after-school program 15 minutes after closing time, there will be a $15.00 late fee charge for each child and each time if the parents is late picking up their child. The additional fee is payable together with the ASEP monthly fee.

Extra-curricular activities

All fees are due in advance of the time the services are rendered to the child. It is not possible for the ASEP to issue refunds. It is the responsibility of each parent to plan his or her student’s attendance accordingly. Tuitions are payed on a monthly basis.  

All tuition payments should be paid no later than the 04th of every month for services provided. Payments can be made to the after-school coordinator or administrative staff during school hours or via bank transfer to the school’s account.  

Delinquent Accounts: Late tuition payments will have an added penalty charge of $30.00. All delinquent tuition payments that are not paid by the 10th of the month will have an additional $5.00 charge per day until payment is made.

Excellence Learning Academy


Phone: +1-721-550-7971

It is our goal to be reachable to all parents. If at any point, you may have questions about our program, registration process and or location.


Always feel free to contact the school. 

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