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Excellence Learning Academy is a non-profit organization that has been in existence from October 2nd 2017. Our services started with providing an after-school educational program for children ages 4 through 13 years of age. As education plays a vital role in the life of a child; as educators here at Excellence Learning Academy we noticed we are missing the fundamental part of a child’s life by not being able to enrich knowledge from a tender age. Studies have shown the best years of learning for a child starts from ages 6 months. Opening a child care center where a child is allowed to interact and understand life and their surroundings at a tender age makes a child grow happier, faster and be sharp-witted. As the world is developing faster so are our children. Excellence Learning Academy Child Care Center will be adapting to the new generational changes of teaching and technology.

Our Program

Infant Serenity

Ages 6 weeks to 23 months. Infant Serenity is the name given to our babies’ room because in this room we believe babies need a calm and mild soothing area to play, learn and grow peacefully.

Toddler Amusement

Ages 2 years old to 3 years’ old. This name came about because at this stage toddlers are interested in the roller coaster of life. They now understand their own emotions of being happy, mad or sad. Everything fascinates their eyes and their imagination becomes a broad part of their growing stage.

Preschool Pleasure

Ages 3 years old to 4 years’ old. After going through the stage of having serenity and amusement the only thing left to do is be happy with your success. In this case GRADUATION!! It’s not easy getting here but because these little ones didn’t give up they now have the PLEASURE of GRADUATING PRESCHOOL!


What we offer



This mobile app allows each parent to individually see regular updates throughout the day on your child’s progress. E.g. Did he or she eat well? A POINT WILL BE EARNED FOR POSITIVE BEHAVIORS. Parents will also be allowed to watch weekly uploaded videos on what’s being taught in class, interact with teachers. See all school updates and messages via our class dojo mobile app.


Excellence Learning Academy


Phone: +1-721-550-7971

It is our goal to be reachable to all parents. If at any point, you may have questions about our program, registration process and or location.


Always feel free to contact the school. 

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